Distel Vase 8.6 inch High with a decor of Bleuberries Painted by Cornelis de Bruin around 1900


This vase is 8,6 inch high and made by tile and pottery factory De Distel from Amsterdam. The object is painted by Cornelis de Bruin around the year 1900.

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This vase is 22 cm or 8,6 inch high and made by the Dutch Tile and Pottery Factory De Distel from Amsterdam. The vase has a decor of blueberries and green leaves against a brown background. The vase is signed with the factory name: De Distel and the monogram CB, which belongs to Cornelis de Bruin (1870-1940). De Bruin was the artistic director of De Distel in the first production period of the Amsterdam tile and pottery factory, between 1895 and 1902. Because there is no dating, the vase was probably made around the year 1900. The vase has a very small chip on the base ring and a small nick to the inside of the neck, which fortunately is not visible from the front. You can see a hairline in the glaze on the back of the vase. There are also some ‘pin pricks’ in the glaze.

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