Dutch Art Nouveau Pottery

About us

Art Nouveau Pottery is a site and shop for Dutch decorative pottery from the Art Nouveau period, 1885 – 1915. This Dutch pottery – or plateel – is collected all over the world. This site provides information about the ceramics, the makers and the market. The site is created by Carolien Vader. On this site you can see and buy her collection, which she has built up over the past 30 years.


On this site you can buy and sell pottery through our shop. Curious what your own pottery is worth? We do appraisals – without any obligation – and give advice on the sale of your antique Dutch ceramics. Would you like us to sell your Dutch Art Nouveau Pottery? Please take a look at the page: Sales in Commission. For questions and valuations, please contact us by e-mail.


Dutch pottery comes in all shapes and sizes. From antique (1885-1920) to vintage (1920-1960). A beautiful eggshell porcelain Rozenburg vase from 1905 may fetch €10,000 at an international auction. A piece of matte glazed Gouda pottery from the 1950’s may be as cheap as € 10. Want to know what your Dutch Art Nouveau Pottery is worth? Ask for an appraisal.

Shop Antique Dutch Art Nouveau Pottery

We have a beautiful selection of Dutch Art Nouveau Pottery for sale. Objects are made by the most notable Dutch ceramic factories, such as Rozenburg from Den Haag, Brantjes from Purmerend, Distel from Amsterdam, Holland Mijnlieff, from Utrecht and Zuid-Holland from Gouda.