Appraisal of Dutch Antique Pottery

Dutch antique Pottery from the Art Nouveau periode can be worth a lot if it is high glazed, beautifully decorated and undamaged. Want to know what your objects are worth? We can give you an appraisal or an estimate based on the current market value. And also some advise on how to best sell your antique Dutch ceramics. With no obligations, what so ever.

Dutch antique Pottery comes in all shapes and sizes

A rule of thumb in the appraisal of Dutch antique ceramics is as follows. The older, the bigger and the more undamaged pieces are, they worth more than younger, smaller and restored ceramic objects. Our collection is focused on Dutch antique Pottery from the Art Nouveau Periode. This is decorative ceramics, produced between 1885 and 1915. Most object from this periode are hand painted in dark colours, suing typica style elements from the Art Nouveau period such as floral design and swirly motives. Objects are shiny because of their glazed finish. The Dutch factories, especially from the town of Gouda produced decorative pottery well into the 1960’s. Ceramics, produced after 1920 often are matt glazed and colourful. These kinds of ceramics are abundant and not very rare. They usually do not fetch a lot of money on online marketplaces and auctions.

Dutch Antique High Glaze Pottery

The ceramics we are interested in are high glazed ceramics made in the Art Nouveau period from 1885 and 1915. This kind of ceramic is considered the height of the Dutch Art Nouveau Periode and loved and is collected all over the world. You can find many interesting pieces in our shop, and there you can get a good insight in the current value.

Submit an Application for a Valuation

If you want to know what your antique Dutch Pottery is worth, you can submit a request for an appraisal of your objects. Appraisals are free, but please note: no rights can be derived from them. The antiques market is volatile and subject to change. Appraisals from or give an indication of the current market value based on our best estimates. Our experience in recent years has taught us that very different prices are sometimes paid at auctions for comparable decorative, antique ceramic objects.

Instructions for an Appraisal

For a taxation of your antique Dutch pottery, please contact Carolien Vader of and via email: Please describe your item and provide the following pictures:

  • The object in its entirety from the front
  • The object at the bottom (the marks must be in sharp focus)
  • Details of the painting
  • Details of any damage present, such as shards, chips, hairline cracks, visible restorations and areas where the glaze has been damaged.
  • A good description about the origin of the object (if available)
  • A good description of restoration work (if any).
  • Also indicate whether you would like advice on the sale of your object

Based on the photos and information submitted, you can expect an appraisal within 2 weeks. This will be sent by email. And possibly advice on the sale of your pottery, if you have asked for it. Don’t forget to include your contact details with the application.

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