About us

Antique Dutch Pottery from the Art Nouveau period is highly sought after by collectors. This site, our store and our services are all about Art Nouveau Pottery from Holland, made between 1885-1915.

ArtNouveauPlateel.nl is managed by Carolien Vader from Amsterdam in The Netherlands. She has been a passionate collector of Dutch pottery for over 30 years and has been focussed on the niche period 1885 – 1915, which is considered the highlight of Art Nouveau in the Netherlands. Her collection obtains decorative pottery from various Dutch pottery factories, such as van Rozenburg Den Haag, Zuid Holland Gouda, De Firma Weduwe Brantjes from Purmerend, Holland Utrecht or ‘Mijnlieff’ and De Distel from Amsterdam.

In addition to collecting, Carolien Vader also focusses on the trade in Dutch decorative pottery from the period 1885 – 1915. Objects are sold in the online shop of ArtNouveauPlateel.nl and via auctions, auction sites and online sales platforms. The shop is a representation of the collection of Carolien Vader. This is therefore fluid in nature due to purchases and sales.

Carolien Vader is active in daily life as a consultant at the intersection of media and marketing and spends a large part of her free time expanding her collection. For questions about this site, the shop, the articles or the services, please contact her by mail: carolien@artnouveauplateel.nl

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