Gouda pottery wall charger, 27 cm, with NP decor of orchids


Gouda pottery wall charger, 27 cm, with a decor of orchids by Frederika Tiesema.

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This wall charger was made by the Dutch pottery company Zuid-Holland from the city of Gouda. It is painted with a beautiful and colourful decor with orchids. This wall charger is size 5 and has a diameter of 27 cm or 10.6 inch. The wall charger is painted in a so-called ‘Kantjes’ or NP decor. NP is the abbreviation for ‘new porcelain’, a decor series that was produced by the Gouda pottery factory from 1908, inspired by the designs of Willen Hartgring. You will see different types of orchids in a beautiful colour combination of purple, blue, green and orange. The object was painted by Frederika Tiesema, who worked as a pottery painter in Gouda between 1908 and 1915. This is the third wall plate with the same decor in the collection. If you see them all next to each other, you will see subtle differences in the use of colour. I personally like this one (on the right) the most, because of the clear and expressive colour combination. The wall charger is well signed with the factory name and logo, the signature of Tiesema (FT) and a reference to the size: 5. The object is in mint condition.

Gouda plateel wandborden van 27 cm met NP decor van orchideeën

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