Gouda Art Nouveau Pottery Vase Cornation 8,6 inch from 1898


This Gouda Pottery vase is decorated with a floral design of carnations in the Art Nouveau style. Created by the Gouda factory Zuid-Holland in 1898.

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This vase has a beautiful decor of flowers in a geometric pattern, typical of the Art Nouveau Style. The carnation flowers in a deep red colour on this vase are striking. This vase is 22 cm or 8,6 inch high and has a diameter of 9,5 cm or 3,7 inch. The maker is Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland from Gouda the Netherland, production period is 1898. The vase is clearly signed on the bottom. You see the factory name, the logo, the year letter E for the design, the model number 14 and the signature of the Painter. BN stands for B.G.J Nieman, a painter who worked at the Gouda Pottery Factory in 1898 and 1899. The object is in excellent condition. A tiny piece of glaze is missing on the side. This vase originally comes from the Spijker Collection, which was one of the most influential collectors of Dutch Art Pottery in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately this vase was lost in shipment with UPS. If you come across this object please contact me. I would really want it back, as UPS didn’t compensate me efficiently for my loss.

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