Rozenburg Vase Abstract Design 7,8 inch from 1893-1895


This Rozenburg vase is painted with an abstract, dark coloured pattern. The vase is 7,8 inch high and dates from 1893-1895.

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This Dutch Art Nouveau Rozenburg vase is painted with an abstract pattern in brown, red, yellow and gray tones. The pattern also includes some floral elements. It is a dark Rozenburg specimen, which is characteristic of the early period of the Rozenburg Pottery factory in The Hague, the Netherlands. The vase is 20 cm or 7,8 inch high and is in a good condition. There is no visible damage, except for some imperfections in the glaze. And in one spot in one of the yellow areas a piece of glaze is missing (see photo’s – red circles).
The vase is signed with the words Rozenburg and Den Haag and the model number 402. There is also an L to be seen. This letter may refer to the production period between August 1893 and December 1894. But this letter presumably refers to the painter L.F.J. Lacomblé. In the book Rozenburg 1883-1917 it is stated: ‘This painter does not appear on the payroll of Rozenburg. Nevertheless, in 1895, under special conditions, instead of being paid he received painting materials. He provided the objects he painted with his signature.’ If this is the case, this vase is most likely from the year 1895.

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