Gouda Pottery Pot with original Lid, model 119, decor Helene


This pot with lid was made by Dutch Pottery Factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda. Model 119 and is 3 inch high and 5 inch wide, painted in decor Helène.

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It is not often found that model 119 of Gouda Art Pottery is still completely intact. This bowl has the original lid, painted in the same decor. In 1915, the Zuid-Holland Pottery Factory from Gouda, the Netherlands developed a new decor that was used for both tableware and decorative pottery: Helène, named after one of the director’s daughters. Objects with the Helène decor were very popular, but the making process was labour-intensive because all objects were hand painted with a complicated pattern of lines, dots and flowers. That is why a new, simpler decor was introduced in 1918: Juliette. This decor also had the same color scheme in yellow, blue, red on a white background. This lidded box of Gouda Pottery has a beautiful decoration. Even the bottom is decorated. The lid also has the same decor. The object was made between 1915 and 1920 and is in excellent condition. The inside of the lid has a chip, but it is not visible when the bowl is covered. Model 119 is 8 cm or 3 inch high and 13 cm or 5 inch wide. The bowl is signed with the factory logo – the Lazarus gate – of the Goudse Pottery Factory, and the signature C.L, whose identity is unknown.

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