Terms and Conditions

These are our terms and conditions

1: Buying Antique Dutch Pottery
2: Appraisal of Dutch Art Nouveau Pottery
3: Sale of Dutch Pottery on behalf of third parties


These general terms and conditions are about the services of ArtNouveauPlateel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com. By ordering in the webshop of both sites you agree to the general terms and conditions (delivery and payment conditions) of ArtNouveauPlateel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com. You also accept these conditions for requesting advice and appraisals. ArtNouveauPlateel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com have the right to change or supplement these terms and conditions at all times. On this page, the general terms and conditions are explained in more detail.

About ArtNouveauPlateel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com

ArtNouveauPlateel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com is a bilingual website about Antique Dutch decorative pottery from the Art Nouveau period (1885-1915), such as Gouda and Rozenburg Pottery, with a webshop and articles with information. Both sites are owned by Carolien Vader from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She has been collecting and trading pottery for years and advises on market developments within this segment.

ArtNouveauPlatel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com are located at Nieuwpoortkade 2A, 1055RX in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You can contact Carolien Vader by mail: carolien@artnouveauplateel.nl or by phone: +316295556030.

1: Buying Antique Dutch Pottery


All our products are of a certain age. We specialise in the sale of antique decorative pottery produced between 1885 and 1915. The combination of handicraft and use over the years have sometimes left their mark on objects. We try to describe the condition of each object as accurately as possible and to show it as clearly as possible through photos. We also study every object using UV-light.

Prices and rates

There is no VAT for antique object (VAT Margin Regulation). All prices are exclude shipping costs. Shipping costs are always at the expense of the buyer. In the table below you will find the current shipping costs, depending on the location of the recipient and the selling price of the item. For objects up to €500, the low postage rate applies with an insured value during transport of a maximum of €500. And for objects of €500 and higher, the high rate applies, with an insured value of up to €5000. Please pay attention: as we are not responsible for any costs or fines set by Customs for buyers outside of the European Union.

CountryObjects up to €500Objects of €500 or more
the Netherlands€10€15
Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy,
Luxemburg, Austria, Spain, Sweden
Rest of Europa€30€40
Outside Europa€45€55


You can order or an object or several objects by placing item(s) in the shopping cart. Then you pay for them. You can use online payment via Ideal, Apple Pay and Credit Card. If you have paid for the object or objects, the item(s) will no longer be available to other interested parties.

You can also choose to purchase items by sending us an email and transferring the amount directly to us. You can transfer the amount to oud bank account number NL57KNAB0742143163 (BIC number KNABNL2H) stating the objects name and a short description. After the amount is transferred to our account, we will send the item(s) as soon as possible. Of course you can also pick up your order yourself in Amsterdam and pay in cash or use our QR-banking code on the spot.


Payments via the webshop are immediately credited to our account. Orders via e-mail must be paid within a week. Items ordered by mail will be reserved for you for a maximum of seven days. If payment has not been received after a week, we will cancel the order. Products then become available in the webshop for other interested parties. All items remain the property of ArtNouveauPlateel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com until we have received payment.

Delivery or pick up

You can have the ordered items delivered to your home. Items will be shipped within a week once payment has been received. Except for periods of leave, which are clearly stated on the site. We pack items carefully before shipping. Would you rather pick up the object? This is possible within three weeks after payment has been received. The address for pick up is: Nieuwpoortkade 2A, 1055RX Amsterdam (only during office hours).

Delivery times

We work with different shipping companies. Depending on which courier we choose, you can count on the following delivery times.

  • Within the Netherlands: max 3 working days
  • Within Europe: max 5 working days
  • Rest of the world: max 12 working days

Damage during shipping

ArtNouveauPlateel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com will insure all shippments. This is included in the postage costs (see costs above). However, for damage and/or loss of items during shipment via the courier, notification must be made within 24 hours after (registered) receipt (or expected receipt if missing), so that the compensation process can take place. To this end, the buyer/recipient must submit a claim to ArtNouveauPlateel.nl or ArtNouveauPottery.com. Take pictures of the damaged box (the outer packaging) and also take pictures of the address sticker and the barcode on the box. Also take a photo of the inner packaging showing the damage. Carefully photograph the damage to the object and send a description of the damage, including all photos, to the seller/sender via email: carolien@artnouveauplateel.nl. She will assess the extent of the damage (by comparing the photos from the webshop with the photos received after delivery), and supervise the claim process. Once the carrier has refunded the claim, the purchase amount (minus postage) will be refunded to the buyer.

Conflicts over damages between buyer and seller

Not all objects in the webshop of ArtNouveauPlateel.nl or ArtNouveauPottery.com are 100% in mint condition. That is because objects are antique and show traces of use and age. Various photos of objects are shown in the webshop and all damage present before sale is carefully described. If you have specific question about an object or the damage present, you can request extra photo’s.
If a buyer finds damage after receiving the item, the buyer can report this within 24 hours after registered receipt (see above for instructions). If the damage found after receipt corresponds to the damage shown before sale, any claim is unfounded. In principle, objects are not taken back and the purchase amount or parts of the purchase amount are not refunded. An exception can only be made by the seller after written consultation and if there are sufficient valid reasons. The decision to take back objects and refund purchase amounts always rests with ArtNouveauPlatel.nl or ArtNouveauPotter.com. Postage costs are never reimbursed.

Errors during transport

Bought items will be delivered to the delivery address specified in the order. It is therefore important that this information is filled in carefully by the buyer. If an order is returned based on an incorrectly specified address and the package has to be sent again, we will charge the buyer for these extra shipping costs.
If the error in addressing is made by ArtNouveauPlateel.nl or ArtNouveauPottery.com, the costs for resending objects are payed by us.


When you have received an item from our shop, you must check it for correctness and completeness. In principle, returns are not possible. If an item does not meet expectations, return is always negotiable. When returning, you must contact ArtNouveauPlatel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com by e-mail within one week of reception. After written agreement, the articles can be returned. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. The risk of returning is also for the buyer. If an item is returned and damaged, the full cost of the item will be charged to the buyer (who can claim this with it’s own insurance). Purchase amounts will only be refunded if objects are in a comparable condition when sold and have been received in good order by ArtNouveauPlateel.nl or ArtNouveauPotter.com.

2: The appraisal and validation of Dutch Pottery

Ask for an appraisal

Owners of Dutch Antique pottery from the Art Nouveau Period, such as Gouda and Rozenburg, can submit a request for advice or an appraisal to ArtnouveaPlateel.nl or ArtNouveauPottery.com. By submitting clear photos and a good description of objects, pottery owners will receive advice on the market value of their object and advice on the best way to sell their objects, if they wish to do so.

Appraisals are free, but please note: no rights can be derived from them. The antiques market is volatile and subject to change. Appraisals from ArtNouveauPlateel.nl or ArtNouverauPottery.com give an indication of the current market value based on our best estimates. Our experience shows that comparable objects at auctions sometimes yield very different sales prices. Please note that our expertise is only on Dutch Pottery from the Art Nouveau Period from factories such as: Zuid-Holland Gouda, Rozenburg Den Haag, Brantjes Purmerend, Holland Utrecht or Mijnlieff and Distel Amsterdam. Matt glazed pottery from later periods our not our speciality.

Owners of pottery can submit a request for advice to ArtnouveaPlateel.nl or ArtNouveauPottery.com. By submitting clear photos and a good description of their objects, owners of pottery receive advice on the market value of their object and advice on the best way to sell their objects. This can be done via ArtNouveauPlateel.nl or ArtNouveauPottery.com if objects date from the period 1885-1915, if objects match the items present in the webshop (see below: sale on behalf of third parties) and both parties have reached a written agreement about this. But sometimes the advice will be to offer it through an external sales platform.

3: Sale on behalf of third parties

Consign sales

If third parties, in this case: owners of Dutch Antique pottery who are not involved with ArtNouveauPlateel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com and employees of ArtNouveauPlateel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com come to an agreement on the sale of objects on behalf of the owner, then a order confirmation, which must be signed by both parties. Objects remain the property of the original owner until the moment of sale. At the time of sale, the object is placed in storage at ArtNouveauPlateel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com to be photographed, described and studied. If a sale takes place, ArtNouveauPlatel.nl or ArtNouveauPottery.com will organise all the related activities, including finance and shipping.

Costs and fees

The costs for sending objects insured to ArtNouveauPlateel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com are for the account of the owner. Objects are insured against damage during storage. To resolve disputes about damage, the owner must carefully photograph the object before shipping (this is done before submitting requests anyway). This is also done by ArtNouveauPlateel.nl and ArtNouveauPottery.com after object have been received (and for the webshop). Sales prices are determined in consultation. A commission is charged for the sale of objects on behalf of third parties. This commission amounts to 27.5% of the selling price (excluding postage). Postage costs are always for the new buyer. After completion of the commissioned sale, we will transfer the sales price, minus our fee, to you within one week of receipt of the amount from the new buyer.

These terms and conditions were last amended on July 14, 2022.

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