Sale of Gouda or Rozenburg Pottery in Commission

If you own an attractive piece of Dutch antique pottery and want to sell it, we can help you. You can submit a request for advice on the sale in commission or consigment. By submitting clear photos and a good description of your object(s), you will receive advice about the market value of your Dutch antique pottery from manufacturers such as: Zuid-Holland Gouda, Rozenburg Den Haag, Brantjes Purmerend, Utrecht Holland or Mijnlieff and De Distel Amsterdam. We will give you honest advice about the best way to sell your object(s).

Sales through our webshop (in consigment)

Sale can take place through our webshop, but only if pottery objects date from the period 1885-1915, if objects match the other objects present in the webshop and of course if both parties have reached a written agreement about the sale in commission. Sometimes we will give you advice to offer your antique ceramics via an external sales platform, such as Marktplaats, Catawiki or E-bay. Before the sale takes place, we will always come to an agreement with you for the sale of antique ceramics on behalf of the owner. Objects remain the property of you, as the original owner, until the moment of sale. It is also possible to sell Gouda Pottery, Rozenburg Pottery, Brantjes Purmerend Pottery, and objects from Distel or Holland Utrecht directly to us.

What happens if we sell your Dutch Antique Pottery?

If you want to sell your Dutch antique pottery to us or through us in consigment, and we have come to an agreement about terms, conditions and prices, your object will be stored at and to be photographed, described and studied. If a sale takes place, or will organise all the related actions, including financial settlement with and shipping to the new buyer.

Costs and fees

Costs for sending objects insured to and are for the owner. Objects are insured against damage during storage. To settle any unfortunate conflicts about the damage of objects, it is wise to carefully photograph your objects before shipping (you must do that to submit an application anyway). Purchase or sales prices are determined in consultation. A commission is charged for the sale of Dutch antique pottery pottery by us in commission on behalf of third parties. This commission amounts to 27.5% of the selling price (excluding shipping). Shipping costs are always for the new buyer. After the sale has ended, we will transfer the sale price to you, minus our fee.

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