Rozenburg Vase with Popy Flowers 8,6 inch high from 1904


Rozenburg vase with a decor of popy flowers. The vase is 8,6 inch high and has two remarkably narrow arms and, painted by H.G.A. Huyvenaar in 1904. Sold.

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This Rozenburg vase is 22 cm or 8.6 inches high and 20 cm or 7.8 inches wide. The pottery vase has a convex belly, a narrow neck and two impressively narrow arms that run all the way from the foot to the top of the neck. Both arms are still completely intact, which is remarkable for an antique object of this age. The belly of the vase is painted with a wonderfully beautiful decor of poppies, with colours such as dark red, dark green and black on a dark blue background. Both sides of the vase have a slightly different decor, one with a red poppy flower with yellow stamens, the other side with a red poppy flower and a green seed pod. The vase was made by pottery factory Rozenburg from The Hague in the Netherlands and was produced in May of the year 1904. The vase is painted by H.G.A. Huyvenaar, who signed the object with his monogram, the letter H. At the bottom of the vase you see the name of the pottery factory: Rozenburg The Hague. The year sign: the flag for 1904 and work order number: 448. The vase is in very good condition. It is not known if there is a history of restorations. They are also invisible to the naked eye. A beautiful specimen.
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