Pair of Rozenburg Vases 9,6 inch decorated with flowers from 1890-1893

This pair of Rozenburg vases has three different floral decors. The vases are designed by W.P. Hartgring in the period between 1890 and 1893. Not for sale, Private Collection.


You can rotate these Dutch Art Nouveau Rozenburg vases endlessly and each time you see a different floral decor. The Rozenburg vases are painted in an impressionistic style with a floral decor on a green, almost metallic-like background that changes into a deep midnight blue colour. The pair of vases are simular in style and both vases have three different flower decorations: with white poppies, with blue irises and with red flowers and yellow leaves. The vases are signed with the title: ‘Water Flowers’ and designed by W.P. Hartgring in the period between 1890 and 1893.
This special set of vases is in excellent condition. They are both 24.5 cm or 9,6 inch high and 14 cm or 5,5 inch wide. Beautiful example of early Rozenburg. This can be seen in the signature. You can see the name of the factory Rozenburg The Hague at the bottom of the vases and not yet the logo of the stork, which was introduced as the factory logo in 1893. Visible at the bottom is the title of the decor: Water Flowers, the signature of W.P Hartgring (H.) and the work order number: 295. Engraved in the vases is the model number: 200, which stands for: Japanese vase small 25 cm. An image of the administration of the Rozenburg factory has been found in the Hague Municipal Archive about work order number 295. This shows that J. Suurbach painted the vases, Hartgring designed.


Nor for sale, Private Collection

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