Amphora Holland from Oegstgeest, model 83-1 with decoration of nasturtium


Amphora Holland vase, model 83-1 with a floral decoration of nasturtium, made around 1910.

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This vase was made by the Amphora pottery factory from Oegstgeest in The Netherlands, in the period around 1910. The vase is model 83-1, a model with two long handles, which run from the widest point of the belly to just below the neck. The vase is 20 cm or 7.8 inches high and 14 cm or 5.5 inches wide. The object is painted with a floral decor of nasturtium in yellow and purple tones, framed by green leaves and decorated with dots. The fact that the decoration on the side follows the shape of the ear is nice. The decor is somewhat reminiscent of the NP decor or ‘Kantjes-decor’ of the Zuid-Holland Gouda pottery factory. The back is more sparsely decorated with just a single flower. The vase is signed with the name of the factory: Amphora Holland, the decor number 83-1 and the signature of the unknown painter CdW. The vase is in good condition. There is a tiny chip (barely visible) on the rim of the neck.

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