Distel Pottery Ewer 6,5 inch High with Pink Flowers from around 1900


Ewer in Art Nouveau Style, produced by the Dutch ceramic factory Distel from Amsterdam around 1900 with a floral decor in pink and light green colours.

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This ewer of Amsterdam Art Nouveau Pottery is 16.5 cm or 6,5 inch high and 19 cm or 7,5 inch wide. This object was made around 1900 by Plateelbakkerij De Distel from Amsterdam. De Distel produced Pottery in the Art Nouveau style between 1895 and 1923, after which the factory was taken over by Goedewaage in Gouda. It is therefore an early copy. The ewer is in mint condition and features an abstract pattern of floral leaves in pastel shades, light green and pink on a brick red background. The ewer is signed twice. Next to the factory logo you see the monograms FJ, presumably from W.G.F Jansen and DS, presumably from D. Straus. Both artists were employed by De Distel in Amsterdam in the early period of the factories existence.

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