Rozenburg Pottery Vase 12 inch Purple Flower from 1898


A 12 inch Rozenburg Pottery Vase from the Hague, produced in 1898 and decorated with purple flowers on a terra cotta coloured background in Art Nouveau Style.

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This beautiful and large vase is made by Plateelbakkerij Rozenburg from The Hague in the Netherlands in the year 1898. It is a good example of Dutch Art Nouveau Pottery. It is a large vase of 30.7 cm or 12 inch high and 15 cm or 6 inch wide. The vase has a beautifully painted decor of purple flowers, tendrils and buds against a terracotta coloured background. The vase has the factory logo on the bottom, the mark in the shape of a crown, which stands for the production year 1898. There is also a model number on the bottom: 718. A signature of the painter is missing. Please note: this vase has been professionally restored at the top of the neck. This restoration is hardly visible to the naked eye, but you notice that there is a very subtle structural difference in the glaze.

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