Gouda Pottery Vase with Two Arms, 8 inch High, Model 211, Decor Iris


This vase of Gouda pottery has two graceful arms and a decor with irises. The vase is model 211 of the Zuid-Holland pottery factory from Gouda and signed by Adriaan Lansaat between 1901 and 1904.

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This vase of Gouda pottery has two graceful arms along a narrow neck. It is model 211 from Dutch Pottery Factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda. The vase is 7,8 inch or 27 cm high and in excellent condition. The vase is painted in a decor of brown and green tones with purple irises. Characteristic are the elegant patterns, so characteristic of the Art Nouveau Period. The vase is completely intact and well signed with the factory logo, the Lazarus gate, and the name Made in Zuid-Holland. You can also see the signature of the painter Adriaan Lansaat (AL) at the bottom of the vase. The vase has no date, but because of the decor and the signature it can be dated between 1901 and 1904.

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