Gouda Pottery Model 222 with 4 arms, 9 inch high, Decor violets


This vase of Gouda pottery has a striking model with 4 arms. It is model 222 of the Dutch Pottery factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda, signed by Leendert Muller and made between 1901 and 1904. Sold.

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This Gouda pottery vase has a striking model with four arms that extend from the broad, square base to the shoulders of the vase and converge in a short neck. It is model 222 from the Dutch Pottery Factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda. The object is painted with a floral decor with green leaves and violets in purple, lilac and pink tones. The object is 9 inch or 23 cm high and in excellent condition. No damage was observed on the foot or neck. All four arms are also completely intact. The vase does have two tiny ‘dots’ in the glaze, caused by an air bubble in the firing process (see photo). The vase was made in the period 1901-1904 and marked with the factory logo, the words Made in Zuid-Holland and the signature of Leendert Muller (LM). The model number is also engraved on the bottom: 222. A truely lovely piece of Dutch Art Nouveau Pottery.
Sold! This object is no longer available.

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