Arnhem Pottery Vase Model 52 Klaas Vet of 8,5 inch high


Vase made by the Dutch Pottery Factory Arnhem around 1910, model 52 of 8.5 inch high, designed by Klaas Vet.

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This vase was made by the Dutch Pottery Factory Arnhem around 1910. The Arnhem Pottery Factory was founded by the brothers Klaas and Jacob Vet in 1907. Klaas Vet is renowned for his designs, which are characterised by the thin, oval blue lines over almost the entire length of the vase. They were drawn with a line and later decorated with dots, curls and details in subtle colours such as ocher and brick red on a white background. The lines on this vase form a frame within which an elegant flower is painted in lilac. This is model 52 of the Arnhem pottery factory, designed by Klaas Vet. The vase is 21,5 cm or 8,5 inches high and 10 cm or 3,9 inches wide. The vase has the shape of a Greek Amphora with an egg-shaped belly and a narrow neck and two ears. The vase is in mint condition. At the bottom you see the logo of the factory: a stamp with the rooster and the word Arnhem. The model number is also depicted: 52 and a signature of the painter: JK. This is probably Johannes Kool.

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