Gouda pottery wall charger, Zuid-Holland, 16 inch wide with lilies, 1899-1901

Dutch Gouda Pottery wall Charger of 41 cm or 16 inch wide with a decor of lilies. The object was made between 1899 and 1901 and painted by Dirk Verhaar. Not for sale, private collection.


This large wall charger is 41 cm or 16 inch wide and was made in the period 1899-1901 by the Dutch Pottery Factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda. The object was painted by Dirk Verhaar, who worked at the this pottery company between 1898 and 1902. The wall charger has a beautiful painting with a decor of lilies in a colour combination of blue-grey, turquoise, yellow, brick red and dark blue. The object is nicely signed with the factory logo and the monogram of Dirk Verhaar (DV). At the bottom you can also see the stamp of the Warchteresbacher Steingutwerken, the German ceramics factory where Zuid-Holland had its wall chargers made between 1899 and 1901, and then had them hand painted in Gouda. The wall chargers were ordered in four sizes, of which this was the largest. You can also see the remnants of the factory sticker. The object shows its age and has several tiny chips along the edge. These are not disturbing at all.
This wall charger is part of my private collection and not for sale

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