De Distel, Vase 9 inch with Decor of Lily, Made Circa 1900


Art Nouveau Pottery Vase, with a decor of lilies, made by the Dutch pottery factory De Distel from Amsterdam, around the year 1900.

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This vase was made by the Amsterdam pottery factory De Distel, around the year 1900. The vase has a decoration of lilies in a beautiful color combination of brown, dark green, dark blue and beige. Unfortunately, the blue color accents have ‘run out’ in some places. The vase is 23 cm or 9 inches high and 11 cm or 4.3 inches wide and is in a good condition. Presumably a small chip has been restored on the foot, but this is barely visible (only under UV light). The vase is signed with the factory name: Distel. The model number: 151 and an indication for the decor: 2. Furthermore, the monogram A.N is visible, of which it is not known to which pottery painter it belongs.

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