Rozenburg Small Vase with Two Ears, 6 inch High, from 1898


This small Rozenburg vase with two ears is 6 inch High and is made in 1898. It’s painted in a bright pallet of different colours.

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This small vase was made by the Dutch pottery factory Rozenburg from The Hague. The vase has the design of a Greek amphora with an egg-shaped belly on an elegant foot, and two short ears at the top and a short flared neck. The vase is painted in a bright palette of different colours. The vase has a brown background with green, purple, blue, yellow, pink and black fantasy shapes. It is 15 cm or 6 inches high and 8 cm or 3.2 inches wide. The vase is in good condition. Ears and neck are intact, but one of the ears is missing a piece of glaze. There are also a number of minuscule chips on the bottom of the bottom of the foot. The vase was made in 1898, which can be seen from the mark of the crown. There are no further references to a production number or a painter’s monogram. So it is not known who made it.

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