Holland Utrecht Vase, 3.5 inch High, Decor Chrysanthemums, by J.W. Mijnlieff


Holland Utrecht vase of 9 cm or 3,5 inch High and 12 cm or 4,7 inch wide. It’s painted with a decor of chrysanthemums by J.W. Mijnlieff around the year 1900.

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This vase is of little stature, but comes with great beauty. The vase of Dutch Art Nouveau Pottery is 9 cm or 3,5 inch high and 12 cm or 4,7 inch wide. It has a round belly and a very short, flared neck. The object is decorated with white chrysanthemums, light green leaves on a dark blue and beige background. The object was made by the Dutch pottery factory Holland, from Utrecht and designed and painted by J.W. Mijnlieff around the year 1900. The vase is not entirely intact. At the bottom of the protruding part of the neck a shard is missing (fortunately not visible from the front and top) and at the bottom one of the ‘pointy bits’ is missing at the bottom. The object is signed with the logo: the oak leaf containing the monogram of Jan-Willem Mijnlieff (JWM), the model number: 540 and an indication for the decor: the letter D. This vase is also depicted in the book about the factory < a href="https://partner.bol.com/click/click?p=2&t=url&s=37244&f=TXL&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bol.com%2Fnl%2Fnl%2Fp%2Fcollection-holland% 2F1001004004439811%2F&name=Collection%20Holland%2C%20M.%20Heslenfeld&subid=ANP" rel="noopener" target="_blank">‘The Collection Holland’ on page 101.

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