Ewer with Large handle from Pottery Factory Holland from Utrecht, painted my J.W Mijnlieff in 1900


This ewer has a large ear and a decor of white flowers was painted my J.W. Mijnlieff in the year 1900. Mijnlieff was the owner of the Dutch Pottery Factory Holland Utrecht.

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This ewer, with a strikingly high handle, was made by the Dutch Pottery Factory Holland from Utrecht, also known as ‘Mijnlieff’, named after the director and owner. The painted ceramic ewer has a decoration of white flowers against a green, blue and beige background. Some of the flowers have a ‘watercolour effect’. The object is 37.5 cm or 14.7 inches high and 13 cm or 5.1 inches wide. The model has a high foot and a short beak, which has been restored. This is hardly visible to the naked eye. The ear is still completely intact, just like the foot. Pottery Factory Holland from Utrecht in the Netherlands made tiles and decorative pottery between 1896 and 1906, in the heydays of the Art Nouveau Period in North-West Europe. Objects from Holland Utrecht, Mijnlieff generally have a slightly lighter colour palette than other Pottery Factories from the Netherlands, such as Rozenburg and Gouda. They are richly decorated with flower and animal motifs, characteristic of that period and style. Jan Willem Mijnlieff (1862-1937), who painted and signed this vase, bought the Fayence and Tile Factory Holland in Utrecht in 1894. The company achieved international fame under his leadership, especially after a presentation of Art Nouveau pottery at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. Between 1900 and 1906 exports to foreign countries grew. After 1906, the factory mainly produced tiles and tile tableaus. The vase is from the year 1900 and signed with the monogram of J.W. Mijnlieff (JM), the decor number B, three dots and the name of the factory.

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