Holland Utrecht Vase, Model 62 of 11 inch High with Oriental Ears


Holland Utrecht vase with a light colour pattern and oriental ears. It’s model 62 and is 11 inch in height.

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The colour palette on this Dutch antique vase is very special. This is a very light coloured vase from the Faience and Tile Factory Holland from the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands. You can see black dots and lines on a light gray, almost turquoise background. The painting has carnation motifs and the black dots on the orange-yellow background looks like leopard skin. What is striking about this model, model 62, is its oriental appearance. The design is inspired by Chinese or Japanese cultural heritage that was very popular around the turn of the century. The vase was probably manufactured between 1898 and 1902. Unfortunately, the paint on this vase has run quit a bit. This often occurs in decorative pottery from the Holland Utrecht factory and was probably due to excessive temperatures in the furnaces. This caused the paint to ‘melt’, so to speak. Some collectors like this because the painting has a ‘watercolour effect’. Some collectors do not like this and look for objects that are painted more sharply. In short: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And this vase, with its beautiful light colour combination and striking design, is certainly worth a longer look. The vase is 28 cm or 11 inches high and 16 cm or 6.3 inches wide and is also in beautiful condition.

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