Holland Utrecht Vase, Model 174, 35 cm High with Poppies from 1903

Holland Utrecht vase, model 174 of 35 cm or 13,8 inch in height, with a decor of poppies, made in 1903


This vase was made by the Faiance and Tile factory Holland from the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands. It is a large vase, measuring 35 cm or 13.8 inches in height and 20 cm or 8 inches in width. The vase is painted in a beautiful decor with poppies in a colour combination of light blue, dark blue, green and red. The small details of the poppy seedpods on the side of the vase and on the ears are very striking. The vase is model 174, a large vase with a wide belly and two high ears. A similar vase is depicted in the book ‘The Holland Collection’ on both the cover and on page 90 (only in a slightly different colour scheme, where the dark blue has been replaced by beige). The nice thing about this vase is the sharp outline of the painting. This vase has beautifully sharp colours and shapes, where some objects from Holland Utrecht sometimes have designes where the colours have ‘bled’ in to one another. The vase is well signed. You see the factory logo, in the shape of an oak leaf, containing the monogram of the owner Jan-Willen Mijnlieff (JM). You also see the factory and city name: Holland Utrecht. This vase is dated: This probably the exact production date: March 30th, 1903. You also see a C, which refers to the decor. The model number is scratched on the bottom of the vase: Mod. 174, just like the letter S, which may refer to the name Scherjon, an experienced pottery painter who came to work at the factory of Jan-Willem Mijnlieff at the end of the 19th century. The vase looks beautiful, after having a professional restoration done. There was a chip on the base ring and a hairline (not a break!) in one of the ears. This damage is now completely invisible.
This vase is not for sale, it is part of my private collection

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