Large Vase from Firma Wed NSA Brantjes & Co Purmerend, model 1081, with Laburnum


Large Vase from the Dutch pottery company Firma Wed NSA Brantjes & Co from Purmerend, model 1081, with a decor of Laburnum

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This large vase has a beautiful decor of Laburnum. The vase was made by the Dutch company Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes & Co from Purmerend, in the period between 1895-1905. The yellow Laburnum flowers run over the entire length of the vase, which is further decorated with various floral patterns in black, turquoise, green, brown and gray tones. The vase is large, over 37.5 cm high or 14.8 inches and 33 cm or 13 inches wide. This is model 1081 from the Purmerend pottery factory. What is striking about this model of this vase are the two graceful points at the top of the ears. The vase is well signed with the factory logo, the clog with the letters NB (Nicolaas Brantjes) and the factory name: Faiance de Purmerende, Hollande. You also see the model number: 1081 and the decor number: Dec B. The vase is signed with a J or an F. It is not known who painted it. The vase is in excellent condition. No damage or restorations have been observed. The glaze does have some irregularities here and there (see photos). A beautiful specimen, of which, according to the Purmerends Museum, only eight specimens are known worldwide. Sold!

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