Gouda Pottery Vase 9 inch Model 55 in Dark Turquoise and Orange


Vase of pottery Zuid-Holland from Gouda painted with purple flowers against a dark turquoise background by Jan van Schaick.

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This vase is 23 cm or 9 inch high and has two handles. It is model 55 of the Pottery Factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda in the Netherlands and was painted by Johannes van Schaick, who worked at the factory from 1903 till 1913. The vase has a beautiful decor of purple flowers and pink buds against a dark turquoise background with yellow and orange details. These colours are not very typical of this early period from the Gouda company, they are more bright and vibrant. Due to the high gloss of the glaze, the colours appear darker than in the photos. The vase is in good condition, except for a small chip at the foot and some minor irregularities in the glaze. It is not known when the vase was made, presumably between 1905 and 1910.

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