A Pair of Gouda Pottery Vases 8,6 inch High with Lilies from 1905


This pair of Gouda pottery vases are painted in a P-decor with the name IJssel by Frederika Delchambre in 1905. They are 22 cm or 8,6 inch high.

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This pair of Gouda pottery vases has a beautiful P-decor of purple tiger lilies. They are hand-painted on a white background, decorated with green, yellow and turquoise patterns with the so-called ‘kantjes’ design of wavy lines. Kantjes translates into ‘lace’. The vases have model 31, with a convex belly and two graceful ears on either side of a thin neck. They are 22 cm or 8.6 inches high and 13 cm or 5.1 inches wide. These vases of Gouda pottery were made in 1905 and painted by Frederika Delchambre. The vases are made by Dutch Art Pottery Factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda, the Netherlands. They are clearly signed with the term: Made in Zuid-Holland, the name of the decor: IJssel and the monogram of Delchambre: F.D. Both vases have undergone a professional (and very skilled) restoration. One on the neck and the other on one of the ears. The vases come from the Meentwijck collection, a very notable Dutch art collector. They are for sale as a pair, and will not be separated.

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