Gouda pottery Vase Model 11 with P-Decor of Sunflowers


Beautiful vase from Gouda pottery, with a P-decor of sunflowers. Painted by Theo Leewendal in the period 1901-1905.

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This vase has a convex belly and a bulge in the neck. It is model 11, a very early model from the Dutch pottery factory in Zuid Holland from Gouda. The vase is 23.7 cm or 9.3 inches high and 17 cm or 6.7 inches wide. The vase is beautifully painted in a P decor with sunflowers. The decor is colourful and is composed entirely of wavy lines and dots. This type of decor is also called ‘kantjes’, which translates to ‘little lace’. The vase was made and painted in the period 1901-1905. The vase is well signed. On the bottom you can see the factory logo, the words: Made in Zuid Holland and the signature of painter Theo Leeuwendal (L). The vase is in a beautiful, mint condition, no damage has been observed. The surface of the vase shows a subtle pattern of craquelure. This object is very special because of its decor. Many objects with P or kantjes decor are more subtle and softer in color. Not so with this vase, which really stands out because of its cheerful colour scheme.

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