Gouda Pottery Vase Model 132 with Wide Body and Small Ears from 1899-1902


Gouda pottery vase, model 132 with a convex body, narrow neck and small ears. The vase is 11 cm high and 9 cm wide and was made by the Dutch pottery factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda between 1899 and 1902.

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This Gouda pottery vase is 28 cm or 11 inch high and has a wide, convex body of 23 cm or 9 inch and a narrow neck of 7.5 cm or 3 inch wide. It is model 132 of The Dutch pottery factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda. A model that was only made in the early years of the factory (the model is not featured in the 1909 catalogue) and is not often available on the market. The vase was painted by Dirk Verhaar, who worked at the Gouda factory between 1899 and 1902. The vase is painted in a typical early Gouda decor of purple poppies and green leaves on a brick red and beige background. The vase is in very good condition. There is a small scratch on one of the arms and there is also a small blemish on the ring on the bottom (see red circles). But otherwise the vase is completely free of damage and no restorations have been observed. Except… unfortunately there is a hole in the bottom, because the vase was once used as a lamp. But luckily you don’t see this when the vase is placed upright.

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