Very tall Gouda vase 18 inch high, model 5006 made in 1901-1904


Impressive tall Gouda Pottery vase, 45 cm high. Model 5006 with a wide square base and a narrow, square neck. Made in the period 1901-1904. Sold.

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This tall vase of Gouda pottery is 17,9 inch or 45.5 cm high. The vase has a beautiful design with a wide, square foot of 6,7 inch or 17 cm wide, a bulging neck and ending in a narrow, square top of 2,75 inch or 7 cm wide. This is model 5006 from the Dutch pottery factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda, a model that is rarely seen on the market. The vase was painted by Johannes Kool in the period between 1901 and 1904. The tall vase has a beautiful colour combination. The foot is painted with graceful lines in blue, green, turquoise and beige tones. At the top of the neck, purple and red chalices are visible on a background of green and beige shades and circular patterns. All four sides have a similar painting. The vase has had a professional restoration with some small imperfections at the neck and some chips at the foot (near one of the points). The vase also has some irregularities in the glaze. There was once a hole at the bottom of the vase, which was probably used as a lamp base in the past. This has been neatly concealed, but as a result part of the signature has unfortunately disappeared. In pictures of the object, before the restoration, the signature JK (Johannes Kool) is legible. Apart from these trifles, this is a beautiful example of early Gouda. A real eye catcher!
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