Rozenburg Cup for Pens or Cigarettes from 1888


Cup or holder for pens or Cigarettes, made by the Rozenburg factory from the Hague in 1888, and painted in a so-called Persian Decor, called Pijnappel. Sold!

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This is an oldie. This cup of Dutch antique Pottery dates from 1888. It was once intended as a holder for pens or as a cigarette cup, as part of a smoke set. The age of this cup can be determined from the marks on the bottom. The name Rozenburg is missing, as well as the logo of the stork. This means that this object was made when the Hague pottery factory was not yet known under the name of Rozenburg, but under the name of the owner, Wilhelm von Gudenberg. You see the letters WvG at the bottom of the object, with a flag on a stick in the v. Just like the words Den Haag, the D for the year mark 1888 (4th year of production) and the word ‘Pijnappel’, this can be translated to Pineapple. The latter refers to the decor of the cup. The object is painted in the so-called ‘Persian decor’. Green, blue and brown colours were painted directly onto the white biscuit. A thick layer of lead glaze was applied over this and the object was fired a second time. The Persian decors were inspired by the Iznik pottery from Turkey. The exotic antique objects were very popular at the end of the nineteenth century and were not only made in The Hague, but also at the Porceleyne Fles in Delft. The eight painted dots on the bottom refer to a pottery painter, but it is not known who that is. The cup is 8.6 cm or 3,4 inch high and 8 cm or 3,14 inch wide and is in good condition. The glaze has small imperfections (pinholes) but no craquelure at all. The edge does reveal the age of this object. There are several minuscule chips on it, which have discoloured brown due to nicotine deposits.
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