Rozenburg vase 7 inch High with Bleu Abstract Decor from 1894


A lovely small Rozenburg vase of 7 inch in height , painted in an abstract decor in bleu colours, with dark red and bright yellow details.

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This small Art Nouveau pottery vase was made in 1894 and manufactured by the Dutch pottery factory Rozenburg from The Hague. The vase has a short foot, a convex belly and a notch under a long slender neck. It is painted with a beautiful, abstract decor in different shades of blue, with dark red and bright yellow details. The vase is nearly 18 cm or 7 inch high, 7 cm or 2,75 inch wide. It is signed with the factory name Rozenburg Den Haag (The Hague), the factory logo, depicting a stork and the letter L, the year letter for the year of production 1894. There is no other signature of a painter, so the artist is unknown. The vase is not in a perfect condition. There is a chip on both the neck and the foot. These have not been concealed professionally and thus are reasonably visible (see photos). And a hole has been drilled in the bottom, the vase probably once served as a lamp base. Despite the damage, this is a surprising and beautiful specimen early Rozenburg.

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