Rozenburg Vase 14 inch High, With Decor of Poppies, Painted by Jan van der Vet in 1903


Rozenburg vase of 14 inch High, painted with a decor of poppies by Jan van der Vet in 1903.

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This impressive Rozenburg vase is not only beautifully painted, but also has a special design. The vase is 14 inch or 36 cm high and 7,3 inch or 18.5 cm wide. This model has a round foot, which ends in a square belly and is topped with a narrow round neck, flanked by two ears. The vase is painted with a decor of orange poppies with purple flower buds on a deep blue background. The bottom of the vase, as well as the neck, have imaginative floral decors and patterns, consisting of tiny black dots.
The vase is signed with the factory name, Rozenburg Den Haag (The Hague), the logo of the stork, the mark for production year 1903 and the monogram of painter Jan van der Vet. The vase is in beautiful condition. A thin hairline is visible on the base, or this could be a tiny chip that has been restored here. But that is not clearly visible. A beautiful piece!

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