Tall Gouda Pottery Vase, Model 616, Decor Helene, 13 inch High


A tall Gouda pottery vase of 13,6 inch High, model 616/3 and pained in a decor called Helène. The vase was made in between 1915 and 1918.

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This vase of Gouda pottery is 13,6 inch or 34.5 cm high and 5,1 inch or 13 cm wide. It is model 616/3, made by the Dutch pottery factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda. 616/3 is a model on a small foot, with an elongated belly and two short ears, on either side of the neck. The vase looks a bit like a Greek amphora vase. This is a model that you don’t often see on the market. The vase of Gouda pottery is painted in a decor, called Helène. In 1915, the Zuid-Holland pottery factory in Gouda developed this new decor that was used for both tableware and decorative pottery. Named after one of the director’s daughters, products with this Helène decor were very popular right after the First World War throughout Europe. But the making process was labour-intensive because all objects were hand painted with a complicated pattern of lines, dots and flowers in a pallet of yellow, green and violet. That is why the Helène decors were replaced in 1918 by a new, simpler decor called Juliette.
This vase was therefore made in the period 1915-1918 and is signed with the name of the model 616/3, the name of the decor: Helène, the factory name and the signature RR, of which it is not clear to whom it belongs. The vase is in very good condition. Ears and neck are completely intact. There is a small chip at the foot that has been professionally restored. A small piece of craquelure is missing here (see red circle).

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