Gouda Pottery a Pair of Vases Model 83 NP-Decor Wisteria


This set of two Gouda pottery vases has a beautiful P-decor with Wisteria. The vases are 24 cm or 9,4 inch high and were produced between 1908 and 1917.

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This set of two Gouda pottery vases has a beautiful decor of Wisteria flowers. The single yellow flower amid the purple ones in the center is striking. The vases have model 83, a cylindrical vase with a flared neck, with a height of 24 cm or 9,4 inch and a width of 9 cm or 3,5 inch (at the neck). The vases are painted in the NP-decor with the number LP358, which was produced from 1907. This set of Gouda Art Nouveau pottery vases was probably produced between 1908 and 1917 and were painted by an unknown artist with the monogram RD. The vases have a beautiful decor in different shades of green, yellow, purple and turquoise colours and the characteristic ‘kantjes’ decor with wavy motifs on a white background. The vases are in good condition. Both vases have had a professional restoration on the neck, where chips were presumably missing. This is not visible from the front. The prices is for the pair. They are not sold separately.

In the shop we have a different vase (model 55) with the same decor.

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