Gouda Pottery Vase, 9 inch high, Model 55 with NP decoration of wisteria


Gouda pottery vase, 22 cm or 8,8 inch high, Model 55 with NP decoration of wisteria.

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This vase of Gouda pottery has the shape of a Greek amphora. It is model 55, made by the Dutch pottery factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda, a model with a narrow neck and two small ears on either side. The vase is 22.4 cm or 8.8 inches high. The object was made in the period 1908-1914 and painted in the NP decor 385. A decor with purple Wisteria, of which one flower (in the middle) is painted in yellow. NP is the abbreviation of ‘New Porcelain’, a very well sought after decor by collectors. This is also called ‘kantjes’ (little lace), because of the wavy patterns. The vase was painted by Frederika Tiesema in the period 1908-1914 and is in excellent condition.

In the webshop we sell a pair of vases with the same decor

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