Gouda pottery vase, model 22 with ears, 11 inch high, painted by Leendert Muller


Gouda pottery vase, model 22 with modelled ears, 29,6 cm of 11,6 inch high, painted by Leendert Muller

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This vase of Gouda pottery has two beautiful modelled ears. They are inspired by the far east and this object makes a great example of the influences that orientalism had on the European Art Nouveau or Jugendstil period. The vase is 29.6 cm or 11.6 inches high and 15.5 cm or 6 inches wide. It is model 22 of the Dutch pottery factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda. A model that is inspired by model 62 that its competitor, the Tile and faience factory Holland from Utrecht, already launched on the market around the turn of the century. The vase was painted by Leendert Muller around the period 1900-1904 with a beautiful poppy decoration. The background colours green, dark blue and turquoise form a beautiful palette for the purple flowers and subtle purple details on the neck and foot (little hearts!). This is a beautiful example of early Gouda pottery from the Jugendstil period. And the vase is also in a beautiful and mint condition, without visible damage.

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