Distel Amsterdam Pottery Vase 8,6 inch High from 1899 With Bleu and Brown


This vase was made in Amsterdam by De Distel Pottery Factory in 1899. It has a abstract floral decor in blue and brown colours.

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This Dutch Art Nouveau vase is 22 cm or 8.6 inches high and 9 cm or 3.5 inches wide. It has an egg-shaped belly and a distinctive large, trumpet-shaped neck. The vase was made by pottery factory De Distel from Amsterdam in 1899. It is hand-painted in an abstract, floral decor of flowers in brown, beige, blue and turquoise tones. The bright green color on the inside of the neck is striking. The vase is signed with the factory name: De Distel, the model or work order number: 33/5 and the date: 19/5 99. The vase was therefore manufactured on May 19, 1899. Because around the turn of the century, pieces of de Distel Pottery Factory were signed off with the exact date. The vase is also signed. The monogram is a the combination of a T and an H. It is not known to which painter this signature belonged to. The vase is not quite perfect. The base has a somewhat irregular glaze and the neck is damaged. There is a chip glued on (not a professional restoration). This is visible both on the inside and the outside. See photos for more details. It is advised to have this piece restored, therefor the price is lower (but you can always turn the vase facing the nice side).

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