Rozenburg Large Ewer 10,6 inch High with Gold Star from 1896-1897


This Rozenburg ewer is 10,6 inch high and 9 inch wide and had an impressive handle that runs all the way from the foot to the beak. Made in 1896 or 1897 in The Hague.

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This is an imposing ewer from the Rozenburg pottery factory from The Hague, the Netherlands. The ewer has a strikingly large ear that extends all the way from the foot to the beak. The object is 27 cm or 10,6 inch high and 23 cm or 9 inch wide. This antique object has a hand-painted, abstract and start-shaped decor in yellow, brown, beige, light green and light blue colours. This decor is very special, because Rozenburg is best known for its floral decors. Abstract decors are much more rare. The ewer was made by pottery factory Rozenburg from The Hague in 1896 or 1897. The object is signed ont he bottom with the factory logo and the work order number 947. Unfortunately, the year mark is illegible. The ewer has an engraving on the bottom: the (curling) letters VW and the number 344 or 399. This could refer to the painter J.L Verbeek Wolthuys. This object has a tiny chip on the bottom, which is not visible from the front. The tip of the beak has undergone a professional restoration, which is invisible. In short: a special model with a special decor.

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