Gouda Pottery Large Vase 12 inch Model 131 from 1900


This large and impressive Gouda Pottery Vase is 12 inch in height and was painted by Franciscus Fonville around the year 1900. It is in mint condition.

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This large and impressive vase of Gouda pottery is no less than 31 cm or 12 inches high and 19 cm or 7.5 inches wide. It is model 131 of the Zuid-Holland Pottery Factory from Gouda, the Netherlands. Model 131 has a round, egg-shaped belly and two short ears next to a flared neck. The vase is hand-painted with purple flowers and green leaves on a background that is dark gray, turquoise, brick red and light green. At the very top, near the neck, the beige color of the original biscuit is still visible. The vase was painted around 1900 and signed by Franciscus Anthonius Fonville, who worked at the Gouda pottery factory between 1897 and 1907. The vase is in perfect condition with no visible damage to the base and neck. The ears also have a well-continued pattern of craquelure, which indicates the absence of any restorations. A nice piece of early Gouda Pottery from Holland.

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