Rozenburg Wall Charger Art Nouveau Style 7 inch from 1897


This Rozenburg Wall Charger was made in 1897. The plate is 7 inch wide and has a Art Nouveau style decoration of a lily.

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This wall charger is made by the Rozenburg pottery factory from The Hague in The Netherlands. The plate is 18 cm or 7 inch wide and has a decoration of a lily in the Art Nouveau style. The plate was made in 1897 and is signed with the factory logo, the year sign #K, the work order or decor number 804 and the name Rozenburg Den Haag (The Hague). An additional number is engraved in the plate: 322. The plate is in good condition, but you can see a hairline crack on the back. This is not visible from the front. The plate has a chocolate brown background, with gray elegant motifs and a beautifully stylised flower in shades of blue, green and light orange.

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