Gouda pottery Wall Charger, 32 cm wide, with a Kantjes decor by Agata Boot


Gouda pottery Wall Charger, 32 cm wide, with a Kantjes decor, painted by Agata Boot in between 1908 and 1917.

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This wall charger was made by the Zuid-Holland pottery company from Gouda in The Netherlands. The object is model 30 and has a diameter of 32 cm or 12.6 inches wide. The ceramic wall charger is painted with a beautiful NP decor or ‘kantjes’ decor with a floral motif in a colour combination of purple, orange and green. The painter is Agata Boot, which is clearly visible from the signature (AB) she left on the back of the plate. The wall charger is further signed with the factory logo of the Gouda pottery factory Zuid-Holland and a reference to the decor: 1147 and the model: 30. The wall charger is in good condition. The rim is completely perfect except for one ‘flea bite’. There is some damage to the base at the bottom of the plate, but that should not matter. This wall charger is a great example of the Gouda ‘kantjes’ or NP decor. A series of pottery on a light background that was designed in 1908 by Willem Hartgring. This wall plate is not dated, but was made in the period between 1908 and 1917.

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