Gouda Vase 11 inch Model 114, Painted by Johannes Hartgring in 1898


This cylinder-shaped Vase was made in 1898 and painted by Johannes Hartgring. It is 11,2 inch in height and had a differtent decor on all sides of the vase. Sold.

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This cylindrical vase was made in the first year of production of the Dutch pottery factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda in 1898. The vase has a different decor of purple flowers on a blue and beige background on all sides of the vase. The vase is 28.5 cm or 11,2 inch high and 14.5 cm or 5,7 inch wide at the widest part of the base. The vase is painted by J.H. Hartgring and once belonged to the Spijker collection. Family Spijker was one of the most notable collector of Dutch Art Ceramics in the Netherlands. The vase is depicted in the book: ‘Dutch ceramics from the Jugendstil to 2000’, by W.D.H. Spijker, on page 409, photo 1.
The vase is clearly marked with the Lazarus gate, the factory logo of the Gouda pottery factory and the letters J.H for Hartgring and A for the decor. The vase has model number 114 and unfortunately contains some damage. Three hairlines are visible on the inside of the vase, one of which is also visible on the outside. In addition, there is a so-called flea bite at the base of the vase. For further details you can view the photos.
Unfortunately this vase has been sold. Other objects by Johannes Hartgring are available in the shop.

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