Holland Utrecht J.W. Mijnlieff Little Vase 5.9 inches with Octagonal Design and Two handles


This vase has an octagonal design and two handles. It’s 5,9 inches in height and was designed by Jan Willem Mijnlieff of the Holland Utrecht ceramics company around the year 1900. Sold.

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This little vase with two handles is 15 cm or 5.9 inches high and 8 cm 3.14 inches wide. The vase was designed and painted by Jan Willem Mijnlieff, director of the fayance and tile factory Holland Utrecht in the Netherlands. The vase has a beautiful color combination of orange and blue tones and an octagonal design. The object is in excellent condition. There is no visible damage to rim, foot or ears. The Holland Utrecht vase is well signed by Jan Willem Mijnlieff and was probably made around the year 1900 in the Art Nouveau style. Holland Utrecht is considered to be one of the best ceramics factories from the Netherlands, producing art ceramics and tiles from 1894 till 1920.
Sold! This object is no longer available.

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