Rozenburg Vase 8,2 inch Vase with Two Handles Orange and Purple Art Nouveau Design 1898


This Rozenburg vase is 8,2 inch high and has a beautiful colour combination of dark orange, vibrant lilac, green and black. It has two handles and was made in 1898. Sold.

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This is a beautiful piece of Rozenburg Pottery from The Hague in the Netherlands, made in 1898. The vase has a narrow neck, two ears and is 21 cm or 8,2 inch high and 18 cm or 7 inch wide. The vase is clearly marked with the factory name, the logo and the year mark in the form of a crown, for 1898. The vase has a orange-brown background on which purple flowers are painted. At the bottom of the vase you see beautiful geometrical whip motifs in black and green that are so characteristic of the Art Nouveau period. The neck also has purple flower buds. This Rozenburg vase is in excellent condition, there is no visible damage to the vase.
Sold! This object is no longer available.

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