Two Miniature Rozenburg Vases 2,3 inch or 6 cm High from 1894


This pair of miniature vases from the Rozenburg Factory from the Hague are made in 1894. They are only 6 cm or 2,3 inch in height.

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These Rozenburg ceramic miniature vases are only 6 cm or 2.3 inches high and 3.8 cm or 1.5 inches wide. Roughly as large as the cork from a wine bottle! The pair is beautifully painted with a geometrical patterns in yellow, brown, green and blue colours. Even though the bottom of these vases is only 2 cm or 0.8 inch wide, both vases are well signed with the name Rozenburg Den Haag, the factory logo (the Stork) and the model number 456. The miniatures are from the year 1894. They are not in top condition. One vase has a chip at the foot, the other two tiny chips at the neck.

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