Rozenburg Den Haag ewer, model 330A, with a parrot, painted by Johannes Hartgring in 1908.


Rozenburg Den Haag ewer, model 330A, painted with a single parrot, by Johannes Hartgring in 1908.

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This ewer was made in 1908 by the Dutch Rozenburg pottery factory in The Hague. The ewer – model 330A – is 26 cm high and 12.5 cm wide. That is 10.2 high and 4.9 wide in inches. What is striking about this vase is the painting of a single parrot over the entire length of the object. The painting is very realistic and the detail is amazing. The bird has an open wing and is surrounded by a pattern of branches and leaves. There is a single flower on the back of the object. The colour combination of the brown background and the green, black, yellow and blue details is beautiful. The ewer is signed with an H, the mark of master painter Johannes Hartgring. Furthermore, at the bottom you see the logo of Rozenburg Den Haag, the work order number: #531 and the sun in the waves, the year mark for 1908. The object is in neat condition. It is suspected that a restoration has taken place on the neck in the past. This cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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