Rozenburg pottery wall charger 22 cm wide from 1889 in the style of Colenbrander


Rozenburg wall charger 22 cm wide from 1889 in the style of Theodoor Colenbrander

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This wall charger was made by the Dutch pottery factory Rozenburg from The Hague in 1889. You can clearly see this from the year mark on the back: the E. The wall charger is 22 cm or 8.6 inches wide. The object is painted with an abstract decor in dark green, red, dark blue, yellow and brown. You can see oriental influences in the decor. This is the influencer of designer Theodoor Colenbrander who was the artistic director of the Rozenburg pottery factory between 1884 and 1889. It is not known who painted the object, because a signature is missing. The dish is sparingly signed with the words: Rozenburg The Hague and the year letter: E. The wall charger is in neat condition. The object has probably undergone a restoration at the rear of the rim in the past. This can be determined from the fact that the paint on the back has a slightly different colour and gloss (see photo). But nothing of this is visible from the front.

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