Rozenburg Vase 7,8 inch High from 1898 with Decor of Tulips, Painted by Samuel Schellink

This Art Nouveau Rozenburg vase was painted in 1898 by Samuel Schellink. The object has a floral decor of tulips and abstract shapes. Private Collection.


This Art Nouveau Rozenburg vase has an egg-shaped belly and ends in an elegant thin foot. The vase was made by the Dutch Pottery Factory Rozenburg from The Hague in 1898 and painted by Samuel Schellink. Samuel Schellink is well-known for his work on egg shell Porcelain. Schellink choose a different design for this vase and painted a floral, almost abstract pattern, which – in contrast to his decors for eggshell porcelain – appears almost minimal. The vase has a pattern of tulips and abstract shapes in light brown on a grass green background, with strikingly subtle pink and light blue details. A beautiful copy that is also in a very good condition. Except for a few tiny chips on the foot. The vase is 20 cm or 7,8 inch high and well signed with the factory name, a crown – the year sign for 1898 – and Sam Schellink’s monogram, in the form of a double S. The vase has an illegible working number engraved in the foot.

This vase is not for sale, and belongs to my personal collection.

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